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Watermelon Slicing by Ali Akbar

Chibiemon is the youngest team member, just like his name, 'Chibi' that means little in Japan, is a small nice blue catlike robot. He has a black ears, and he wear a baseball uniform over his leg because he is so tiny.


He found by Edogawa Dora's when searching a player because they are lost Guriemon due his school. Luckily when this little guy were playing near the lake, he drowned, fell to a box and drowned, then Edogawa Dora's found this guy. Firstly he dont know what is baseball, but he learned throwing from Hiroshi, Batting from Kuroemon, and catching by Aimond by just seeing them practice. He try to do batting but always fail and once he did it. Then Kuroemon recruited Chibiemon.

Personality and SkillsEdit

He is childish and annoying for his teammates especsially for Hyoroemon, he is troublemaker but he is a kid that easily got innovated. His skill is suprised because he can catch a homerun with a strange way, and he can hit a ball that others hard to make it, its the vegetable group slicing, or maybe watermelon slicing, carrot slicing, and fire catch Chibi version.
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Chibi-Kong by Ali Akbar


  • Live at his grandpa house near Edogawa Lake
  • He has been his team saver for many times
  • Rival of Dora-ichiro, the hit-factory because he brake Doraichiro's batting average from 100% to 80%
  • He like to say WAAI and stick a chop-stick to his nose or other's nose
  • He is a prankster on this team
  • A crybaby but can be "tamed" by Dorayaki