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This wiki will explain everything about dorabase, a spin-off manga created by mugiwara shintaro and Fujiko Corp.


Dorabase (ドラベース, Dorabesu) (subtitled Doraemon Super Baseball Gaiden (ドラえもん超野球(スーパーベースボール)外伝)) is a baseball manga series by Mugiwara Shintaro based on the characters of long-running series Doraemon. It is published in Shogakugan's CoroCoro Comic magazine.

This comic follows the story of other robotic cats that form a baseball club. Though it shows Doraemon in the beginning, it doesn't focus on Doraemon itself (because Doraemon must go back to the past to help Nobita). The group is led by Kuroemon , a cat that looks like Doraemon, only it has ears and black fur (Doraemon doesn't have fur). It features a lot of imaginary ability, and in the baseball game, is allowed to use up to 3 gadgets.

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Mugiwara Shintaro who is the creator of Dorabase are not listed in the saved mangaka from Tsunami in Japan Friday last week, but it still has a potential he still alive, but we all just can pray that he save. I hope Mugiwara and other creators of dorabase save. So, we could read and enjoy dorabase....Amin

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Aimond are still a favourite character of many people, other thinks he's cool, and others want to see him on more Action, Aimond is the orange one of Edogawa Dora's from America-Florida. Used to play at Lobster's, but now leaving to find what is Japan Baseball. Aimond is the most lookiing-good character on Edogawa Dora's after Akaemon, but because Akaemon never out again after he received his uniform, this hot-blooded guy won his coolness on Edogawa's Team

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