The only son of a family that owns a delivery business, called the "Doraneko Delivery Service". Before joining team Edogawa Dora's, he has been helping his mother run the delivery business ever since his father died. Years of lifting heavy delivery boxes gave him strong shoulders, resulting in powerful pitches.



He is the only pitcher of Edogawa Dora's before Akaemon comes. He recruited by Kuroemon when he seeing Kuroemon practice by himself, he make Kuroemon excited because he can make his gloves broke and throw the ball to the lake. Firstly he can pitch clearly when he not wear glasses, but after a practice on an island, now he can control the ball more clear. He's the ace of Edogawa Dora's.

Personallity and SkillsEdit

He is a hardworker kid and he never give up, his faithfull and friendly. His skill ball is fork ball and a strong straight ball. He was choosen as Japan Resperantive in WABC but because an accident, his name are not registered anymore and replaced by Suzuemon.


  • He is like Shiroemon very much, he admire Shiroemon because Shiro is a great rival of his friend Kuroemon and Shiroemon is a great Pitcher to that is why he admire him.
  • Hiroshi's shoulder is got hurt 2 times on his career, first by Drump when battling Devil King's and second when he go to airplane when become Japan Resperantive on WABC
  • Hiroshi is the only human on Edogawa Dora's player (not included Mika)
  • Hiroshi is the one who meet his future-self, other than Kuroemon, Aimond, and Suzuemon.
  • Kuroemon live in his house
  • He like Yakisoba very much
  • His good at slow or fast ball
  • He can do flamingo Batting-Style