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Hyoroemon is a green tall robot cat that has a face like a fish. his face are a shape of oval and doesn't has any fur.


Hyoroemon is the first baseman in Edogawa Dora's, maybe Hyoroemon is Kuroemon close friend, because he help to build Edogawa Dora's by recruiting members. This guy is the shadow coach and mood maker in the team. At the middle of Around Japan Tournament, he leave Edogawa Dora's because what happened to his father.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Hyoroemon is Big-headed and hot blooded guy, he is commonly angry when his teammates insult him. But he has a kind heart, and helpfull. He use his tallness to reach an outcourse ball that difficult to reach, that's his skill, he can break the oppenent pitcher lose his control with his fish-scent. He is a strong guy because he regularly got a deadball on his vital area.


  • He works at a fish-shop
  • He annoyed to Chibiemon at the first time they are met, but after Chibi catch Hirai's homerun, now he apriciate Chibi
  • He is the one who believe on Mike-emon
  • He got kicked from the main member by Mike-emon, but after Mike's secret revealed, he come back to the main members