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Daikon Slicing Fullmoon Swing

Captain of Edogawa Dora's. Nicknamed Kuro. Originally a 'freelance' robot that lives with, as well as work for, Hiroshi's family. His passion for baseball started when he arrives at Hiroshi's house and watches a baseball game on television. He then formed up the Doras. He has an intimate rivalry with Shiroemon, an old friend from the Robot School. Initially lacking in skills that Shiroemon possesses, he grew more skillful on an exponential scale as the story progresses, and have achieved a status to be considered one of Japan's best amateur baseball players. He has defeated most(if not all)pitchers from Edogawa, as well as countless other enemies from other provinces of Japan and even from overseas. His special move is called the "Daikon-slicing Fullmoon Swing" (a variant of the "Fullmoon Swing" originated by Pokoemon),"Deadly Driver Shoot" (swings lowing like golf) where he swings the bat downward in mid-air in a slicing motion to counter's Shiroemon's W Ball and WWW ball. He have also learned the Flamingo style batting by Raising one leg, bending it like a Flamingo, increasing his power by ten fold, he lent this in order to defeat Drump in the WABC. And he also have one more named "Crescent sword", he use it when pokoemon knows Daikon-Slicing fullmoon swing weakness. His position is third. His number is 5.


A black fured cat robot who really likes baseball. He usually use his Edogawa Dora's uniform.