Suzuemon is a rich cat, with almost, a block-shaped head. His body colour are red and doesn't have furs. He does'nt have a moustache but replaced with a dirty scars.


His history about how to get involved with Edogawa Dora's Baseball Team is not telled, but Hyoroemon says that he ask him to get in to Edogawa Dora's. He is the short-stop of this team, his sense of Baseball is the strongest of anyone from this team.

Personality and SkillsEdit

This guy is a little cocky from anyone because he is the richest guy and taken care by a rich family. He is neat, this is showed that he never want his uniform is getting dirty, his skills are "invisible", not meant the real invisible but he is not recognized by all sport fans, that mean he is the air runner due the oppenent are not recognize him. But he want to be recognized by sport fans and want to be famous. He is smart when using tools to...


  • His neck-bell is the biggest of all neck-bell on 22nd century
  • He is the one who meet his future-self and become a great short
  • Suzuemon is choosen to becoming Japan Resperantive on WABC