Toraemon is yellow furred tigerlike robot cat with some black tripes on his back. His eyes is always curled up and his mouth always look smiling...


He is a center outfielder on Edogawa Dora's, His story how to get there, when he drowned on the pond, but suddenly he was helped by Hyoroemon, as a feedback, Hyoroemon "ask" Toraemon to join Edogawa Dora's. Toraemon can't do anything but to agree with it. It was the first time he grab a bat and it's the beginning of his career.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Toraemon is always cheerful, but sometimes he can bring his team down by saying that his team can't win...He never give up, always patience and he's an enthustiastic person. Toraemon feet is super strong, that make he run's so fast, he rarely make hit but he sure has a potential when it come to use bunt, that way he can make to the 1st base easily.

He's a fan of Ronaemon, a soccer player from Brazil. He's a soccer fan to, so he confused when everyone ask him which does he prefer on soccer or baseball. Once when Edogawa Dora's are on duel with Canary FC, he become a pitcer replacing Hiroshi because Hiroshi got a red card. He use his feet than use his hand and glove, he win a duel feet vs feet when facing Ronaemon.


  • Toraemon called Tora by his friends
  • Toraemon lives on a deck on a ship at Edogawa Lake
  • Toraemon can't swim
  • His eyes and mouth open only when he exited, scared, or frightened